School photography – We are great at what we do

We make the school photography day one to remember.  Our goal is to have the children & teachers laughing and having a good time.  Gone are the days of old fashioned school photos, we are here to showcase the kids personalities, not to boss them into boring poses!  Not only will the school photos we take looks fresh & modern, the actual school photography day is so different the kids (and teachers) will be talking about the fun!

How do we do this?  Well we are parents, but more importantly we are qualified photographers.  We know what parents want and expect out of their school photographs.   We pride ourselves on getting down to the kids level, having fun, being a bit crazy, playing music… This approach works well and ensures that we also capture photos that show your children at their best.

We would be happy to come to your next P&C meeting to discuss your school photography requirements.  Give us a call or email us for more information.


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What we can offer you

  • Cool Photography

    We provide cool photography that both parents and students will LOVE!  We photograph the children in a fun studio setting, we play music, we make it fun….

  • Affordable packages

    Our school photography packages are custom designed by you.. the parents.  You can let us know what you would like to provide your school.  We offer group shots, individual portraits, sibling/family portraits and other school groups.  With photographs starting as low as $20.

  • Commercial Videos of the school

    While we are visiting your school, why not consider getting a commercial video made?  Showcase your school to the world! To use on your website, for television advertising, social media sites.  A perfect opportunity!

  • School ID cards

    We can also help you with your school ID cards.  We will incorporate the student ID shots with their school portrait session. Save time… Save money!

  • School Fundraising Ideas

    Stuck for fundraising ideas for your school?   Why not arrange a family portrait session?  We pay the school a fee for every booking made… easy money!  Oh… and you also get the opportunity to get a family portrait taken (obviously the best reason to call us!)

  • Blue Cards

    All our staff members hold blue cards and are able to work with Children and Young People.